American culture can be defined in several ways,  such as its: Freedom, Heritage, Religion, Entertainment, and of course its FOOD.  A major part of our way of life is eating and for the most part, we enjoy this at different types of food establishments.  Cooking is done every day, multiple times a day, and enjoyed by the masses daily.  Cooking all this food produces tons (literally) of grease and grease laden vapors.  To continue cooking safely all of this grease must be removed and disposed of properly to prevent more fires from happening.  Lets work together to keep the fire where it belongs.


    Have you ever been in a car accident?  You may have been driving or just a passenger.   It may have been a very nice car or an ole beater just enough to get you around.  Either way, chances are you weren’t expecting it to happen.  The same principle applies to the Kitchen Exhaust system.  Having your Kitchen Exhaust System (KES) cleaned on a regular basis is much more than just making it look better.  It’s about maintaining a standard of health and safety.  The cleaner it is kept also improves how it preforms and how long it will last.

Professional chef in a commercial kitchen cooking flambe style. Chef frying food in flaming pan on gas hob in commercial kitchen.


    Every year in the US, there are an average of over 8,000 structural fires causing varing degrees of injury and even worse, death.  Half of these fires have been traced back to the kitchen area as the source of the fire.  It would be foolish to say all these can be prevented, but a lot of them can be.  For commercial restaurants this is where the KES cleaning comes into the picture and why this industry has become regulated by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).  There are three parts to a fire: Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel.  All three are needed to have a fires.  The part of KES cleaning we are worried about is the fuel, in this case Grease.  We are the ones to thoroughly and properly clean you system and ensure that the fuel for fire is removed.