When you call us, we will gather your information, your concerns, and what you expect from us as we clean your Kitchen Exhaust System.  Then we will schedule and complete a thorough inspection of your system.  Here is what you can expect:


We usually look at the major components of your system and ask some basic questions.

1.  How dirty is it currently?
2. Can we access the complete exhaust system?
3. are there any deficiencies in the entire system?
4. How is the air flow in your kitchen?

Did you know?

Your Kitchen Exhaust System has essentially 4 major parts

The Hood

Inside the restaurant.

The Duct

Typically above the ceiling or on an exterior wall.

The Fan

 Generally on the roof but can be on the side of the building.

The Return Air

Supplies the make-up air for what the hood is sucking out.

Each of these parts has its own set of “rules” under the NFPA that we must follow to ensure that grease does not buildup and create a fire hazard.  If you click on each one of those parts, you can find out more about that part of the system, how it works, and the rules that are followed for it.  

we inspect at all of these!


Based on your expectations and our findings during the inspection, we will provide you with Cleaning Proposal for your system.  Once the proposal is accepted, the work will be scheduled and preformed in a timely manner.  Most of the time this is done at night or during hours of non-operation.